To my father


May Allah keep the love

To whom taught me the details of life

Goodness between Arabs has loyal positions

Your good deeds proves how much you are valuable

Between good and bad appears the difference

And the end which satisfied the people could not be reached

You tained youself to be high brilliant

You are whom the absence of people reflects the top of your full moon

My father… while the sea does not mercy the sunken

You taught me how to sink in his depth and to be aware

That trees are not good without its leaves

And that to be loyal… not to be disloyal to the one who is disloyal towards you

In the law of my God there is a judge…the hand of the thief must be cut

And the people are stealing each other …the wise one is aware

You are high person whom for you flashing light is born

You are a fair person I envy your capacity of the chest

I knocked your door…and don’t ask: whose there?

Iam a harvest you grown in the shadow of your roots


ترجمة // أماني إبراهيم السيّد                                                                                                  

.. عوده ..