I want you to go

It was not you when you come surely you wanted to hurt and go

You hurt me a lot and you have been hard I was patient and I said you might feel

I felt happy when you speaks and I said to myself talks of lovers

My heart is jumping when you complain because of my kindness I believe you are


I bought your love and I thought you did but I found you selling the true feelings

I thought you will love me because I loved you that much

Apparently you didn’t know how to love

Now tell me what do you want it is not enough for you that you cheated me al these


Tell me what you forgot to take you took a lot and you gave nothing

If my speech is upsetting or embarrassing you

If you don’t mind I want you to go now


ترجمة // أماني إبراهيم السيّد                                                                                                  

.. عوده ..