Summer is coming

Summer is coming and we are waiting for it and when it is pass we want it back

We are happy when it is come and say summer don’t pass away

We make our accounts early we think about black nights

We think how we get fun and how we drive in go and back

We are looking for fun the youth who are the ones for fun

We are talking with the night stars who have a binky smile

We change the wave of the accent according to the one’s nationality

Between how , what do you want and I don’t want

Some of us has a lot of money and some between up and down

Some of us travelled with depts. And visa like a kind of challenge

They want to give money for some girls and buy roses for other girls

To make her laugh but she laughs to satisfy him

To make him think that he owned the world and said good bye for bad luck

He is not aware that he put himself in bad situation

He is proud of his wrongs which throwing him away from the right way

He is losing himself by himself and he think he is not

He had a mistake and it coasts ten for a man who know the wrong

It is wrong and the most wrong is to lose myself by my own hands

Age is walking for its end and the body is going to be warm’s food

So, what will be my situation when they but me in my grave

ترجمة // أماني إبراهيم السيّد                                                                                                  

.. عوده ..