My heart with my love

Love is so wonderful, so wonderful love is

My heart is beating again , love is so wonderful

My heart is in love and staying awake came instead of sleep

Who can sleep when the moon is intending to visit him

I am falling in love and dreaming a lot and no one can blame me

From the first sight I said this is the one

Before knowing him my down was dark

But when I knew him my nights has coloured with wonderful colours

If he speaks my heart is saying how lovely words

He is stop talking but I wait for him to talk again

His touch is gentle when he touch a baby he goes to sleep

At once he touched my hands and I lost myself into his hands

His smile played calm and perfect music

No body is asking why because the reason is so clear

His walking is like a calm just like a pigeon

His heart is white from his day and his gentleness is from him

He walking alone but he make the way so crowded

It is not his fault he has nothing to do because the whole world is wanting him

After what I mentioned who can blame me

What can I do my heart saw him and said I am with him


ترجمة // أماني إبراهيم السيّد                                                                                                  

.. عوده ..