A country which the one who wanted to hurt you does not exist you don’t fear or suspect
May Allah always protect you and protect your dignity Amen
Our country don’t care about them you were never disappointed
Your men and our hands united against the enemies
A group missed the right direction and justified the distraction
They call distraction jihad and they are walking to achieve their goals
They are talking about orders which were never written in any divine book
Orders from people intent to humiliate their country
Is it envy or greed I don’t know who opened such a door for them
They think it is an easy road while it is the hell
Jewish were the first enemy and now comes the tails of Jewish
For a long time we had one enemy but now they became two
They went too far in their distraction and sole their homes for a sand price
It is that kind of money which keeps them a sleep
Is it courage, bravery or heroism no it is just terrorism
Because what they are doing is contrary to the aspects of religion
Devils are living with us disguised as relatives and friends
Suddenly the gave is failed and the characters are revealed
They are not efficient even if there were many sacrificed
With the help of Allah they are going to vanish in a blank of an eye
Convoy is going forward and we don’t hear the bark of dogs
My country your name always will be above an they under


ترجمة // أماني إبراهيم السيّد                                                                                                  

.. عوده ..